North & Middle Andaman

North & Middle Andaman


The twin islands of Smith and Ross are connected by a narrow sandy beach of dazzling white sand. Smith % Ross offers a similar experience. The sandy bar connecting this island with the adjacent island of Smith is an additional attraction
Saddle Peak is located nearby Diglipur, a town on the island of North Andaman. It is surrounded by the Saddle Peak National Park. This is the highest point of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands.
Kalipur beach is strategically located where different kinds of turtles come to lay eggs each year. Four species of turtles that visit this beach are Olive Ridley, Leather Back, Bill Hawk and Green Turtles.
Ramnagar is a very good place on the island of Diglipur; this place is located 20 km south of the island of Diglipur. This place is intended for travelers who want to see turtles or just for a day trip to enjoy this picturesque place.
Diglipur National Park is a dense tropical forest with a rich shore of exquisite trees, rare flora and wild fruits and offers opportunities for trekking, including climbing the natural steps formed by the roofs of old trees. Tourists should get permission from the Forest Department to hike in this park.
Laxmanpur beach is one of the wonderful attraction tourist spots of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. A beautiful white sand beach full of dead coral reefs and shells, it is very spacious, alone and makes a great sight for a peaceful evening walk.


Karamatang Beach has many small cottages and shades, which are not only perfect for shelter from the sun or rain or mean to sit and read but are also ideal for holding evening get together and parties along with day outings with family and friends.
Avis Island is a small island also known as the Coconut Island. This island 15 minutes by boat ride has a small beach with crystal clear water, which is a perfect picnic spot.
A few minute's walk to the outskirts of the city offers the beauty of Rambor Beach. The beach faces the vast open sea, which looks amazing with clear water and soft and silent waves.


This Mud Volcano is one of the most major attractions for visitors traveling in the Andaman Islands. This volcano is closer to Baratang jetty of the Andaman Islands.
This cave has an interesting limestone structure, stalactite, and stalagmites. These natural caves are a wonderful sight. The journey to this cave is equally mesmerizing which covers along the way through the tribal reserves.
Parrot Island is a flat island, covered with lush green trees and mangroves. The trees are home to a large number of parrots that can be observed returning to their nests, as the sun begins to set.


Dhaninallah is known as the most beautiful beach in the central Andaman Island with its 5 km long stretch of soft brown sand, blue sea and plenty of shade along the beach. Most often the beach is deserted, and you can enjoy all the long distances on your own.
Merk Bay Beach is located in the North Passage Island, which is close to Straight Island, Guitar Island and Long Island. The white sands of Merck Bay Beach in contrast to the blue waters makes the perfect place for a day out.
Aamkunj beach, located about 8km away, is the nearest beach to Rangat. So if you are a keen environmental enthusiast, this is where you should be heading. .
Lalaji Bay Beach is located on the west coast of Long Island and another beautiful and attractive beach in Andaman. Lalaji Bay Beach is well connected by the regular ferries of Rangath, Middle Andaman.
It is one of the most beautiful and least traveled islands in Andaman. The island that is right opposite to Guitar Island is called a small guitar island because it also looks like a guitar, smaller in size.
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