White Surf Waterfalls

White Surf Falls is truly a tropical waterfall. This waterfall is nestled amid dense tropical rainforests about 7 km from the town of Hut Bay in Little Andaman.

Whisper Wave Waterfall

If you are waiting to get a real jungle experience, then Whisper Wave Waterfalls is worth a try. The waterfall is 20-25 m high, and there is a small bamboo grass around.

Palm Oil Plantation

Little Andaman is famous for the Red Oil Palm plantations that spread over an area of about 2000 hectares. Once in a dense forest, is now replaced by a farm planted millions of palm trees.

Bala Reef

On the west side of Little Andaman, Bala Reef spreads over 4-5 square kilometers and is said to be one of the best sites in Andaman’s coral reefs with vibrant colors.

Netaji Nagar beach

 Netaji Nagar Beach, 11-kms from the Hutbay Jetty is a white sandy beach suitable for sunbathing. The entire place is covered with lush green forest and ideal for nature lovers.

Dams in Ramakrishnapur and Vivekanandapuram

The dams in Ramakrishnapur and Vivekanandapuram, which are not much explored by tourists, are potential attractions on this island.

Butler Bay Beach

 Butler Bay is probably the most important tourist site in Little Andaman. Butler Bay has located about 10 km from the Hut Bay and can be easily seen from the road that connects Hut Bay to 28 bazaars.

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